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Return Policy

What is our Return Promise?

If the product(s) you purchased do not meet your expectations, please return it to us for another solution or for a refund.

However, a return for another solution or a refund will not be offered for products that have been successfully utilized and enjoyed for an extended period of time. For example, no longer having a need for the product will not qualify.

Returns without a receipt, or with an original receipt after 120 days of the date of purchase, will receive a Merchandise Credit for either the lowest retail price of the product(s) within the last 90 days or the actual purchase price from the original receipt.

There is a 30% restocking fees and a shipping charge.

Returns may also be shipped to 54 Franklin Sq. Ste. A, Utica, NY  13502 (shipping fees apply).

Please call us toll-free at (315) 790-5508 if you have further questions.


What is your Exchange/Refund Policy?

We will be happy to exchange your returned merchandise for another solution or issue a refund. If cash or a debit card was used as original tender, we will give a cash refund. If a check was used as original tender, we will give a check back in the amount to be refunded. If a credit card was used as original tender, we will issue a refund to that card, but we will discount the fees charged for the processing of the original purchase. A corporate check will be mailed for cash or debit card refunds over $400 and check refunds over $200. If you do not have your original receipt and you used a credit card for payment, we will do our best to obtain your purchase transaction from our system to process your exchange/refund. If we cannot locate your original purchase transaction, you will receive a Merchandise Credit.